3 comments on “Taking back Gaming

  1. I like to debate about things that are different from those I prefer. If someone likes something that I don’t, it’s not because that person is wrong, but because he has a different perspective on it. Maybe someone likes something which I don’t, but it can also be that I just didn’t grasp it yet. And I might even love it, if I did.
    By debating things you don’t like, you get a broader perspective and become more able to judge what is really good or bad. But you need to first listen to people about what they like, and ask why they do so, even though it doesn’t look good to you yet.

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    • Thank you for commenting 🙂
      I agree with all your statements. I wasn’t speaking of debates however, I was speaking of non informative arguing.

      I would even say that not much debating actually occurs on the internet. Your last sentence indicates this as well. All of this kind of misses the point though. The point is….well it’s okay to not like things but don’t be a dick about the things you don’t like.


    • The &qli;tReuogious Right" is right about "same-sex marriage" and abortion. Their position is Biblical. No need to re-examine those positions, as Marty suggests. Marty and Cornwall and other unbelievers and non-Christians should be thrilled with the election results. I'm sure they are. But the future will turn out much different than what they suppose.


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